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Asien-Orient-Institut UFSP Asien und Europa (2006–2017)

Humanistic Scholarship and the Anthropocene: Approaching China from a Sustainability Paradigm

International Workshop, May 15–17, 2015


Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies – Chinese Studies and URPP Asia and Europe


Different locations (please refer to the conference flyer)


The rising economic power of Asian states increasingly shapes the planetary ecological condition. In this era of man-induced environmental change - the Anthropocene - state officials, scientists, as well as concerned citizens worry about related issues such as climate change, industrial pollution or unsustainable urban development. What is the role of the humanities in this field of contestation?

This workshop brings together international experts from various academic disciplines in order to engage in an interdisciplinary discussion of the ethical, social and cultural implications of environmental change. It will especially focus on the dynamics of new policy paradigms, such as China’s environmental modernization and Asian green activism.

Weiterführende Informationen

Report in the “Asia & Europe Bulletin” 5/2016

Workshop Report

Jessica Imbach’s report on the workshop can be found on H-Soz-Kult.

Financial Support

The international workshop is supported by the Zurich University of the Arts, the National University of Singapore, the Swiss Asia Society, and the Zürcher Universitätsverein.

Evening Key Lecture

As part of the international workshop, Professor Haiyan Lee (Stanford University) will hold an evening key lecture on Friday, May 15, 2015, 18:00–19:30. She will speak on “From Here to Eternity: A Sino-Jewish Encounter”.

Panel Discusstion

As part of the international workshop, a panel discussion on “Social Change and the Humanities in the Anthropocene” will be hold on Saturday, May 16, 2015, 10:00–11:30.