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Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies URPP Asia and Europe (2006–2017)

Marriage in Islamic and Jewish Law: Cultural Diversity and Marital Law

Responsible for the doctoral project: Dr. Patrick Brozzo (doctorate 2015)
Funded by: Humer-Foundation for Academic Talent
Project duration: May 2008 – April 2011
Tutor: Prof. Dr. Andrea Büchler, Law, Faculty of Law/URPP Asia and Europe
Research field: Norms and Social Order(s)


al-Azhar Moschee und Medrese in Kairo


Synagoge in Kairo


The theoretical part of the project deals with the forms of marriage in the Islamic and Jewish world from the perspective of the history of law, of comparative law as well as contemporary aspects, as well as the situation of marriage law in Germany, England, Spain, Israel, and Switzerland in relation to the respective forms of marriage. Studies on this matter which were carried out for example in England and France will also be considered. In the empirical part of the doctoral thesis project, it is examined to what extent members of both the Muslim and Jewish communities accept the Swiss laws on marriage and on concluding marriage. Furthermore, it will be examined what difficulties can arise when different beliefs and legal concepts regarding marriage and concluding marriage do clash.