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Department of Plant and Microbial Biology


Master positions

Project Supervisor Information
Understanding centromere targeting of centromere-specific transposable elements Prof. Thomas Wicker Description (PDF, 1 MB)

Genomic determinants of Presence-Absence polymorphisms in wheat powdery mildew


Prof. Thomas Wicker Description (PDF, 651 KB)

Sustainable Food Production with Biologicals – Testing the effects of beneficial mycorrhizal fungi and other microbial consortia on crop yield

Prof. Marcel van der Heijden Description (PDF, 51 KB)

The impact of pesticides on soil life, plant symbionts and ecosystem functioning

Prof. Marcel van der Heijden

Description (PDF, 70 KB)

The impact of agricultural intensification on earthworms and their ecosystem services

Prof. Marcel van der Heijden Description (PDF, 973 KB)
Characterization of stress induced plant signaling molecules Prof. Cyril Zipfel Description (PDF, 140 KB)
Engineering the soil microbiome for sustainable crop
production through plasma technology
Dr. Franz Bender Description (PDF, 302 KB)
Debris of a feast: Analyzing leftovers after burst of pathogenic bacteria due to phages or predatory bacteria Dr. Simona Huwiler Description (PDF, 156 KB)