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News list

  • Award won by Deborah Jakobi and Daniel Krakowczyk at ETRA 2024

    We are proud to announce that Deborah Jakobi, Daniel Krakowczyk, and Lena Jäger won this year's award for best student late breaking work at ETRA 2024 for their work: Reporting Eye-Tracking Data Quality: Towards a New Standard!

  • New Paper on Eye-Tracking Data Quality at ETRA 2024

    At this year's ETRA we are presenting a paper accepted to Late Breaking Work. We present our approach to share eye-tracking data more transparently and easier to reuse and how data quality can be meaningfully assesed and reported.

  • New paper accepted to the Journal of Memory and Language

    A new paper has been accepted to the Journal of Memory and Language. It presents a new and innovative method to collect reading times which is called MoTR: Mouse Tracking for Reading.

  • MultiplEYE Meeting in Kaunas

    From May 16 - 17 the MultiplEYE WG1 and WG3 met in Kaunas, Lithuania, to discuss the state of the experiment and provide support such that everyone can get started on the data collection.

  • Data Protection Law Congress

    Lena Jäger will be speaking at the Data Protection Law Congress on May 22 at the University of Zurich. At the congress, different speakers will be talking about the revised data protection law that has been in effect since a while now. New technologies like ChatGPT require constant discussion of how to create laws that take the ever-changing AI applications into account.

  • MutliplEYE Workshop at ETRA 2024 in Glasgow

    At this year's ETRA, members of our lab are co-organizing a workshop called "MultiplEYE: Eye-tracking in Reading". One workshop is to disseminate the work that has been put into this large-scale data collection so far and share it with other researchers in the field as well as foster even more collaboration.

  • The 2nd Workshop on Eye Movements and the Assessment of Reading Comprehension

    We are delighted to announce that we will host the second workshop on "Eye Movements and the Assessment of Reading Comprehension" in Zurich on June 20–22, 2024! The workshop is sponsored by the MultiplEYE COST action.

  • New paper: Improving cognitive-state analysis from eye gaze with synthetic eye-movement data

    In our new paper, we explore how synthetic eye gaze data can be used to improve cognitive-state analysis.

  • New paper: Illustrating the need of more diverse populations for cognitively-inspired NLP

    Our new paper accepted to LREC 2024 shows how diverse populations influence cognitively-inspired NLP.

  • New preprint: The Potsdam Textbook Corpus

    We recently published a new preprint that presents the Potsdam Textbook Corpus (PoTeC). PoTec is a German eye-tracking-while-reading corpus.

  • EMNLP 2023

    At the 2023 version of EMNLP, two of our researchers presented their work.

  • Lorentz Workshop on Cognitive Modeling of Complex Behavior

    Lorentz Workshop on Computational Modeling of Complex Behavior, organised by Bruno Nicenboim (Tilburg University), Riccardo Fusaroli (Aarhus University), and Marieke van Vugt (University of Groningen) in Leiden, NL

  • Research spotlight: Synthetic reading data

    One of our research goals is to explore how to use synthetic reading data to make large language models more human-like. We have recently published two papers that show the potential of such endeavours.

  • Semester Award for Cui Ding

    We are pleased to announce that Cui Ding has won this year's semester award for her outstanding Master's thesis!

  • MultiplEYE: A multi-lab effort to establish new standards for the collection and pre-processing of multi-lingual eyetracking-while-reading data

    At this year's Crosslinguistic Perspectives on Processing and Learning (X-PPL) workshop we had the chance to present our current research with a talk and a poster.

  • Paper on generating synthetic scanpaths has been accepted to EMNLP 2023

    We are happy to share that our new paper on generating synthetic scanpaths using a diffusion model has been accepted to EMNLP 2023.

  • New paper on detecting drowsiness and impending microsleep accepted to Gaze Meets ML (NeurIPS)

    We are happy to share that our new paper on detecting drowsiness and impending microsleep has been accepted to Gaze Meets ML (NeurIPS).

  • New paper on using synthetic scanpaths for NLU downstream tasks accepted to EMLNP 2023

    Our new paper on using synthetic scanpaths for NLU downstream tasks has been accepted to EMNLP 2023.

  • MultiplEYE Meeting in Zagreb

    From September 28 - September 29 members from the MultiplEYE COST action met in Zagreb, Croatia, to discuss and brainstrom on the details of the multilingual eye-tracking data collection.

  • New preprint on the the measurement reliability of individual differences in sentence processing

    A new preprint by Patrick Haller et al. is now available on PsyArXiv. It is titled: "Measurement reliability of individual differences in sentence processing: A cross-methodological reading corpus and Bayesian analysis".

  • "Lesen im Blick"

    For our large, longitudinal study "Lesen im Blick",  the first children were tested.

  • ETRA 2023

    Four papers have been accepted at ETRA 2023

  • New Topics for BA and MA theses

    Would you like to write a master's thesis at the Digital Linguistics lab? Check out our open topics!