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Department of Computational Linguistics


University Library

All UZH libraries are part of UB.

Computational Linguistics and Language Technology

Specific subject information can be found at:

The library for the area Computational Linguistics and Language Technology is at Campus Irchel University Library for Natural Science.


Specific subject information can be found under the topic General and Comparative Linguistics.  

The library is located in the premises of the Phonetics Lab on the third floor of the main building of the University at Rämistrasse 71 (KOL-H-318). Users are requested to call ahead for an appointment:
044 634 30 01.

Most monographs can be borrowed. The loan period is 1 month. Journals and working papers cannot be borrowed.

There are about 5000 monographs on phonetics and related subjects.

A total of 26 different journals are available. Among them are 12 ongoing subscriptions, of which, with one exception, there is also an electronic version.

Working papers published by leading international departments and laboratories are an important source of information for phonetic research. They are usually published once a year. Approx. 40 working papers - more or less complete - are available in our library; an overview can be downloaded as a pdf file (in German): UB, Phonetics - Working-Papers (PDF, 37 KB).

Other important libraries

Both of them can be accessed through the same search engine as the University Library of Zurich: swisscovery.