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Department of Computational Linguistics

Prompt Engineering for Historical Image Generation

Supervisor: Dr. Phillip Ströbel


Problem: When we ask DALL-E “Show me the Forum Romanum in 20 CE.” it generates the image above. However, there were no ruins in 20 CE.

Aim: Together with the History Department @UZH, we want to optimise prompt engineering to create faithful images of historical places and events.

The "Re-Experiencing History" project focuses on using AI technology to visually recreate historical events and moments. Its aim is to develop a web application that converts historical texts into storyboards, comics, or individual images, addressing challenges in representing pre-modern era 'lost' history. The project will semantically enrich historical content and make it accessible through innovative visual interfaces, tackling issues like copyright and historical distortions arising from AI-generated images. It involves collaboration with libraries, archives, and historians, bridging computer technology, history, and citizen science.


  • Python
  • Experience with image generation