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Institute of Education

Sarah Eberz

Sarah Eberz, M. Ed.

  • Assistentin / Teaching and Research Assistant
+41 44 634 66 24
Kantonsschulstrasse 3, 8001 Zürich
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Research interests

  • scientific and future-oriented competences as an integral part of one’s general education
  • “vertiefte Gesellschaftsreife” (in-depth knowledge for competent citizenship)
  • hands-on teaching at university level

In today’s knowledge-based society, an informed background in natural sciences plays a key role in dealing with social issues in a reflective and responsible manner.

In her work, Sarah Eberz highlights the contribution of science education to general education. On the one hand, she looks at the competencies Matura students need to acquire in preparation for demanding tasks in society (i.e. to develop “vertiefte Gesellschaftsreife”). On the other hand, she examines the scientific knowledge and skills non-STEM students acquire at school, as well as the content required in order to make appropriate decisions at the appropriate time by those entrusted with social responsibility.

Sarah Eberz studied biology, geography and educational science at the University of Cologne, qualifying her to teach at grammar and comprehensive schools. She graduated with a Master of Education.  Sarah’s vision is to cultivate awareness of sustainability and environmental protection in all areas of society and to promote the responsible use of global resources.