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Institute of Education

Study Programs

Master Natural Sciences Didactics                          

Are you interested in the challenges of teaching science? Do you want to become an expert in the transfer of scientific competencies? Want to expand your career prospects and personal horizon? We offer you the opportunity to become a science educator through a Master of Arts in Natural Science Didactics at the University of Zurich, ETH Zurich and PH Zurich.


Teaching Diploma (Lehrdiplom) for Matritätsschulen

In addition to the master's degree, the study program for the Lehrdiplom für Matritätsschulen (LM) provides science educational, psychological and pedagogical skills that lead to the qualification required to teach at Maturitätsschulen. The Lehrdiplom complies with the EDK (Schweizerische Konferenz der kantonalen Erziehungsdirektoren) in the "Regulations on the certification of the teaching diplomas for Maturitätsschulen" and has been recognized by the EDK since 11 April 2011 and thus throughout Switzerland.


Doctoral Program Didactics

The Doctoral Program in Didactics enables a solid education in science education, research methods and education policy. In addition, doctoral students in a three-year doctoral program can acquire multidisciplinary competencies in courses such as “attaining research funds” and “mentoring / coaching”.


Doctoral Program Public Understanding of Science

The doctoral program "Public Understanding of Science" run by the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (MNF) at the University of Zurich (UZH) promotes doctoral students’ research competence in evidence and theory-based teaching of natural sciences (science communication and science education). It supports multidisciplinary competencies for a professional career within and outside an academic institution with a special focus on the transfer of scientific research results to the public.