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Department of Communication and Media Research


IKMZ researches mediated communication – and thus a core element of modern media and information societies. With an eye on digital media, but also still on television, radio and print media, IKMZ researchers analyze the production of mediated communication, its content, its users and its effects on audiences.

These questions are answered with regard to both Switzerland and the wider world. IKMZ uses a social science approach: It uses theories and methods from communications, from media psychology, media sociology and media economics, among others.

In its research, IKMZ works closely with other Swiss universities and international partners. IKMZ research results in about 150 scientific publications every year, which appear in leading periodicals such as the «Journal of Communication», «Political Communication» or «New Media and Society». IKMZ researchers also present their findings at conferences – approximately 130 times per year. IKMZ also promotes research-driven teaching and learning – students are integrated into research projects.