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Department of Communication and Media Research Internet Use & Society

Annalise Baines

Annalise Baines, Dr.

  • Oberassistentin / Senior Research and Teaching Associate
+41 44 635 20 91
Room number
AND 3.64

Annalise Baines joined IKMZ in September 2023 as a Senior Research and Teaching Associate (Oberassistentin). Previously, she completed her PhD at the University of Kansas(KU), United States and also worked as a Graduate Research Assistant for the KU Center for Digital Inclusion. Her research interest includes the role of digital communication in effecting positive change within the area of health and science communication. Specifically, she aims to enhance groups’ digital access and information literacy among marginalized and underserved populations. Her other research interests include the use of emerging technologies such as VR and AI from a health and diversity and inclusion perspective.