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Department of Communication and Media Research Media Use & Effects


Covid Norms

Covid Norms: Monitoring and Analyzing Preventive Behavior

The project captures the development of social norms regarding different Covid 19 protective behaviors (in particular, the use of the SwissCovid app and the wearing of a face mask) in Swiss society and investigates the role that different forms of communication play in the development of social norms regarding protective behaviors.

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Data Donation Lab Logo

Data Donation Lab: Data Donation in Academic Research

The Data Donation Lab offers on the one hand a platform for transdisciplinary exchange among researchers on the data donation approach and on the other hand a technical infrastructure for the collection of digital data donations for research purposes.

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Digital Meal Logo

Digital Meal

The Digital Meal project, supported by the Participatory Science Academy, builds on the infrastructure of the Data Donation Lab at the University of Zurich and develops an interactive learning module for young people in vocational schools, baccalaureate schools and secondary schools.

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Digital Religion(s)

Digital Social Dynamics of Spirituality: Spirituality and Religiosity in the Context of Digital Communication

The project deals with the influence of digitalization on communication in spiritual and religious contexts and explores the question of how digitalized communication affects exchanges in religious communities as well as the Swiss population as a whole.

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Social dynamics of health behavior among adolescents and young adults

The project deals with the influence of the social and media environment on the health behavior (tobacco and alcohol consumption) of adolescents and the role of different forms of communication (on- and offline).


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Open Position: Visiting Research Fellow

Our chair has a vacancy for a 2-3 month Visiting Research Fellow (pre- or post-doc).

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