Exam information

Mobility exams are exams that can only be taken by mobility students. The offer is determined per academic year and is binding. Information on module booking can be found here. 

Illness / absence - exam deregistrations

Deregistration from an examination is only possible for compelling, unforeseeable and unavoidable reasons. No later than five working days after the date of the performance record, an application for deregistration from the examination must be submitted with the corresponding evidence in the student portal via the app "My Requests". In the case of oral examinations, the responsible examiners must also be informed before the examination.

Instructions on the deregistration procedure for examinations (PDF, 105 KB)

Student Portal

Fact Sheet on Mobility Studies

For more detailed information on the procedure for mobility audits, please read carefully the Fact Sheet on Mobility Studies (PDF, 227 KB).

Definitive examination dates and plans

In deviation from the Fact Sheet on Mobility Studies, the definitive exam dates will be announced on our website under the current semester no later than five weeks after the cancellation deadline.