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URL Guidelines

UZH URL or not?

Web content of UZH units and projects is generally communicated with a UZH URL, e.g. This highlights the affiliation with the University. Other domains such as or are not permitted.


Exceptions from this rule include cooperation projects with other universities/partners or congresses of non-UZH organizations that take place at UZH.
This requires a UZH website with a domain. UZH’s Information Technology office can then redirect traffic from the external domain to the UZH website. You can find more details about this from the Information Technology website under Web Domains (German).

Partner Institutions UZH-ETH

Joint organizational units of UZH and ETH should use the domain of the home institution, i.e. the university at which it is based or whose IT infrastructure it uses: or

Who Can Request a UZH URL?

UZH organizational units and projects can request their own subdomain (their “own URL”) for their website within the domain:

  • Central Services units
  • Faculties, dean’s offices
  • Departments/institutes, associated departments, and Centers of Competence
  • Museums
  • Large-scale, long-term research projects
  • Events, campaigns
  • Degree programs, continuing education courses
  • UZH-ETH institutions

The same applies to bodies that are legally independent and have a strong link to the University, in particular the following:

  • Alumni organizations of UZH
  • Student societies of UZH
  • National and international associations that are based at UZH

Smaller units such as libraries, research groups, and individual professorial chairs can and should be integrated into the websites of the department to which they belong. 

What Are the Rules for a URL?

URLs must consist of at least two characters and may not contain umlaut marks or special characters. For long names, we recommend using abbreviations as appropriate.

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