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Luis  Tavernelli

Luis Tavernelli

Biography: I obtained my Master’s degree in Molecular Biology at the National University of San Luis(Argentina) in 2013. Then, I joined the lab of Molecular Biochemistry of Trypanosomes led by Prof. Dr. Esteban Serra at the University of Rosario (Argentina), where I pursued my PhD. In a five-year program, I mainly focused on studying nuclear factors and their involvement in epigenetics and gene expression in the parasite Trypanosoma cruzi, the etiological agent of Chagas Disease. After finishing my PhD, I moved to Spain where I led a project at Pharmaceutic GSK located in Tres Cantos, Madrid. This project had the focused of finding inhibitors against proteins called Bromodomains with the hope of discovering new targets to fight the disease caused by the parasite T. cruzi. In 2023, I joined Prof. Mattias Marti for my postdoc.

Research interests: Currently, I am interested in understanding the mechanisms and factors involved in the modification of the red blood cell after Plasmodium falciparum’s cell invasion.