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Institut für Parasitologie

Tom Purnell

Tom Purnell

  • Technician

Biography: I started as a Technician at MRC Harwell in 2005, before moving to the Deafness Group as a Research Assistant, primarily studying Otitis Media and phenotyping the disease. I moved to Glasgow and joined Megan MacLeod’s lab in 2019 as a Research Technician for their Wellcome grant, where I worked on in vivo and in vitro experiments and supported the post-docs and students in the group throughout their projects. I joined the Gibbins Team in 2024 where I am investigating the interactions between mosquitoes, Plasmodium, and the host’s skin.

Role: My role is to provide technical support to the project leader as well as students and visiting researchers. I also ensure that the lab runs smoothly and efficiently by managing the team’s ever-evolving needs. This includes developing and supporting the intravital imaging and histology aspects of the project.