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Institute of Parasitology

Working and research groups

In the UZH Telephone directory you will find the contact details of all employees

Institute Management, Infrastructure and Logistics

Head Marti Matthias, Prof.
Secretary Department head: Züst Esther
Equipment park Hehl Adrian, Prof.
Library Mathis Alexander, Prof.
Quality Management DZP Mathis Alexander, Prof.
Biosafety Mathis Alexander, Prof.
Chemicals / Disposal Hehl Adrian, Prof.
Animal welfare / animal husbandry Schnyder Manuela, PD Dr. Prof.
EDP / Network Grimm Felix, Dr.

Teaching and further education

Marti Matthias, Prof. Head
Hehl Adrian, Prof.  
Mathis Alexander, Prof.  
Grimm Felix, Dr.  
Hertzberg Hubertus, PD Dr.  
Schnyder Manuela, PD Dr. Prof.  
Gori Francesca  
Eichenberger Ramon, Dr.  
Verhulst Niels, Dr.  

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Malaria Transmission Lab

Marti Matthias, Prof. Head
Venugopal Kannan Postdoc
Solelis Laurianne Postdoc
Hasler Sina Lab Technician

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Molecular Parasitology / Eukaryotic Microbiology

Hehl Adrian, Prof. Head
Ramakrishnan Chandra, Dr. Senior Assistant
Kiehlmann Elke Lab technician
Kirschner Aron Lab technician
Anelli Valerio PhD Doctoral student

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Veterinary parasitology

Schnyder Manuela, PD, Dr. Prof. Head
Hertzberg Hubertus, PD Dr. Research assistant
Tayyrov Annageldi Postdoc
Gori Francesca Lab Technician
Öhm Andreas PhD Student
Bauer Jessica PhD student

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Vector Entomology / NZVE National Centre for Vector Entomology

Mathis Alexander, Prof. Head
Niels Verhulst, Prof. Postdoc
Hauri Jeannine Lab Technician
Stegmayer Raffael Research assistant
Schaffner Francis, Dr. Postdoc
Lucas-Barbosa Danielle, Dr. Postdoc
Hug David Doctoral student
Ettlin Julia Doctoral student
Jost Stéphanie Doctoral student
Stocker Anna-Sophia Doctoral student
Ziegler Raphaela Assistent

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BLV Reference Centre

for echinococcosis, cryptosporidiosis, hypodermosis and animal disease-associated vectors

Marti Matthias, Prof. Head
Mathis Alexander, Prof. Substitution
Grimm Felix, Dr. Meldungen und Statistik

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Diagnostic Centre Parasitology (DZP)

Grimm Felix, Dr. Head
Spalinger Mirjam Senior laboratory technician
Opoku Michael Lab technician
Milanovic Nevena Lab technician
Roth Elia Lab technician
Fritz Simon Lab technician
Hinnen Julia Lab technician
Marchetti Aurora Lab technician
Bratschi Sarah Lab technician

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Nematode-Host Interactions

Tritten Lucienne, Dr. Senior Assistant, Junior Group Leader

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Zoonoses & Translational Research

Deplazes Peter, Prof. Emeritus
Eichenberger, Dr. Senior assistant
Hasler Sina Lab technician
Philipp Kronenberg PhD student

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