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Department of Philosophy

UB Philosophy’s Liaison Librarian team

Through the foundation of the new university library, UB and ZB are moving closer together. Thus, the humanities and social sciences are being serviced by new UB/ZB – Liaison Librarian teams. The members of the Liaison Librarian team for philosophy are Susanne Luchsinger (UB) and Andrea Sommaruga (ZB).

You can find information regarding the search for literature and scientific work, courses and tutorials on the website UB Zurich. Moreover, the UB specialized information site for philosophy offers an overview of information sources for the literature search for philosophy. Should you miss e.g. a book, a journal or a database, you can send us a request form for the purchase of the resp. item. We also offer our advice regarding questions about literature search, open access and ZORA.

Or you may simply drop by: You will find us regularly Tuesday morning at the UB Philosophy (KOL-F-114a). And you can likewise reach us via email: and

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University Library, Philosophy

As of 1/1/2022, all UZH libraries will be merged into the University Library of Zurich. The library. The library of the Department of Philosophy is now the University Library, Philosophy.

All information about the University Library can be found at:


Specific subject information can be found at: Fachliche Unterstützung


All about the location Philosophy can be found at: Standort Philosophie


All about the location Ethics can be found at: Standort Ethik


IInformation about searching, borrowing, document delivery service can be found at: Literatur suchen und nutzen


Information on knowledge organization, open access, and data services can be found at: Working scientifically: Wissenschaftlich arbeiten