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Department of Philosophy

Bachelor of Arts

The Department of Philosophy’s Study Programs

The Department of Philosophy offers two study programs at Bachelor’s level.

The leaflet for prospective students gives an overview of the Department of Philosophy’s study programs.
Leaflet for prospective students (German only)

Application and Admission

Please consult the Office of Student Affairs’ web page on Application and Admission.

Regulations and Explanatory Documents

The regulations and explanatory documents for the Bachelor’s and Master’s study programs mentioned below are available from the website of the Office of Student Affairs.

  • The legal framework for the Bachelor’s and Master’s study programs at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is set out in the Framework Ordinance (Rahmenverordnung).
  • The Program Regulation (Studienordnung) contains the implementation provisions for the Framework Ordinance. It consists of a general section and a number of program-specific appendices. The general section governs the cross-program aspects of the course of study. The program-specific appendices to the Program Regulation contain the regulations specific to each program.
  • The Catalogue of Modules (Modulkatalog) describes the recurring compulsory and core elective modules of the relevant study program. The range of elective modules offered varies and is described in the Course Catalogue (Vorlesungsverzeichnis) for each semester, together with the compulsory and core elective modules offered.
  • The Standard Curriculum (Mustercurriculum) can assist you in putting together your own study path. It shows a possible course of study, in which all the requirements for passing the degree are fulfilled within the standard period of time. However, other courses of study are possible within the framework of the regulations.
  • The Guidelines (Wegleitung) contain further explanations and recommendations for students. It is important to distinguish between the Guidelines for Studying at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and the program-specific Guidelines for Philosophy.
  • For students who began their studies before the Fall Semester 2019 in one of the study programs offered by the Department of Philosophy, the relevant transitional regulation applies. It contains all operative requirements for passing the degree as well as an equivalence table showing the old and new compulsory modules.

Declaration of Independent Work

Where a student is guilty of dishonesty in the completion of an assessment, he or she will be considered to have failed the corresponding module. Disciplinary proceedings may also be initiated in accordance with the University’s Disciplinary Regulations.

Declaration of independent written work (German only) (PDF, 57 KB)

The Teaching Commission of the UZH has published a leaflet describing the University’s policy on plagiarism (German only)

Taking Master’s Modules in a Bachelor’s Study Program

In certain circumstances Bachelor’s students may take Master’s modules early.

Those compulsory and core elective moduls of Master's level which can be taken early are marked accordingly in the Catalogue of Modules. The elective seminars of the module groups ‘Theoretical Philosophy’, ‘Practical Philosophy’ and ‘History of Philosophy’ can also be taken early, as well as the elective modules of the programms 'Minor in the Foundations of Moral Philosophy' and 'Minor in the Philosophy of Science'.

Weiterführende Informationen

Leaflet for prospective students

Leaflet for prospective students (German only)