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Physik-Institut Group of Laura Baudis

Francesco Piastra

Francesco Piastra

  • Technical Lead
+41 44 635 6686
Room number
Y36 K70

Francesco Piastra obtained his PhD in Physics in this group in 2017, primarily working on XENON100 and XENON1T experiments. His research activity focussed on low-background techniques and high-accuracy measurements of LXe response with a Xurich-II detector. In 2018, he moved to LHEP at the University of Bern  as a postdoctoral fellow to work on the DUNE experiment, mainly involved in the R&D and in the development of the simulations software of the ArgonCube demonstrator. In 2022 he worked as an R&D scientist at IRsweep,working on quantum cascade lasers. In 2023 he enthusiastically came back to work in our group as a technical lead to support the group on DARWIN, XENON and LEGEND-1000 experiments. His other interests and hobbies include reading, jazz, hiking, cooking, advanced electronics, and playing chess.