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Physik-Institut Group of Ben Kilminster


Recent outreach


UZH Physics Youtube channel with 20 experiments explained by Prof. Kilminster. Make sure to click "subscribe" :) 


Science and Engineering Youtube channel from PhD student, Matias Senger. 


Prof. Kilminster and Canelli's CMS Exhibit at UZH Science Exploratorium. See below for pictures and video !




Science Exploratorium : how particle physics experiments work

  • CMS-model-exploratorium

    Model of the CMS experiment act CERN

    A 1/10th scale model of the CMS experiment, complete with blinking lights to show detectors and the passage of particles through the detector.

  • CMS-display-Exploratorium

    Part of CMS exhibit

    Some parts in German, some in English.

A video at the Science Exploratorium.