A list of all lectures and seminars can be found in the lecture calendar of the University of Zürich.
The Physik-Institut also maintains a commented lecture calendar with more information than the lecture calendar of the university.


The Zurich Physics Colloquium, together with the ETHZ Wednesday 16.15, Room ETH HPV G4
The Zurich Theoretical Physics Colloquium, together with the ETHZ Monday 16.45, Room Y16 G05 or ETH HIT H42
Schrödinger Colloquium Monday 16.00, Room Y16 G15
Seminar in Physics Thursday from 15.00, Room Y36 K08
Seminar in Particle and Astro Physics Monday 14.00, Room Y16 G05 (tbc)
Seminar in Condensed Matter Physics Wednesday 11.15, Room Y36 J33
Seminar in Theoretical Particle Physics Tuesday 11.15, Room Y35 F32 or ETH HIT E41.1
Proseminar in Experimental Physics Monday 11.15, Room Y36 J33
Proseminar in Theoretical Physics Monday 10.00, Room Y36 K08
Particle Physics at PSI Thursday 16.00, Room WHGA, PSI
Particle Physics Journal Club Thursday 16.30, Room UZH Y36 K52