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PHY291 Proseminar in Experimental Physics

Monday, 11:15 - 13:00

UZH Y36 J33 and Y36 K08 - Irchel Campus

Language: English
Attendance: mandatory
Grading: failed/passed

General information

We will have two groups and thus two sets of topics, one in condensed matter physics, one in particle and astroparticle physics.
The topics will be distributed on the first day (September 14, room Y36 J33) by drawing lots.
Dates for presentations: Sept 21, 28; Oct 5, 12, 19, 26; Nov 2, 9, 16, 23, 30; Dec 7, 14.

Learning Outcome

After successful participation in the proseminar, the student will have learned:
1. to use the basic methods of literature retrieval
2. to condense the knowledge from scientific papers into a presentation
3. to obtain good presentation skills
4. details about different methods and experiments in condensed matter, particle and astroparticle physics

Additional information

The talks should take 30 minutes, additional 15-30 minutes are reserved for questions and discussion.
Evaluation criteria:
1. structure and organisation of the talk
2. presentation of basic knowledge
3. presentation of advanced aspects
4. quality and relevance of presented formulae and figures
5. the clarity of the presentation
6. the ability to present the topic with excitement and enthusiasm
7. time keeping
8. the ability to answer questions

Group 1: Methods and detectors in particle and astroparticle physics - Y36 K08

Responsible faculty members: L. Baudis, F. Canelli, B. Kilminster, A.Kish, N.Serra, A. Vollhardt

  date speaker topic responsible
1 Sept 28 Eschle, Jonas Passage of radiation through matter (electromagnetic and nuclear) Baudis
2 Oct 5 Cossalter, Fabio Cloud chambers Kilminster
3 Oct 12 Gabi, Lukas Bubble chambers; concrete example: Gargamelle (historical) and COUPP (current) Kish
4 Oct 19 LeBow, Nicholas Modern photon counters: PMTs (including latest developments) and solid-state devices Kish
5 Oct 26 Scheibler, Subas Gas wire chamber; concrete example: multi-wire proportional chambers, the muon system of LHCb Serra
6 Nov 2 Janisch, Tranquillo Fabio Liquid scintillators; concrete example: Borexino and neutrino detection Baudis
7 Nov 2 Neuenschwander, Benno Solid state scintillators; concrete example: the crystal EM calorimeter of CMS Canelli
8 Nov 9 Ruosch, Lukas Semiconductor ionization detectors; concrete examples: HPGe crystals and Si tracking devices Kilminster
9 Nov 16 Masseroni, Michele Cherenkov detectors; concrete example: ring-imaging Cherenkov and water Cherenkov detectors Vollhardt
10 Nov 23 Mueller, Simon Cryogenic calorimeters; concrete example: liquid argon detector of D0 (important for top discovery) Canelli
11 Nov 30 Heer, Matthaeus Time projection chambers; concrete example: the NEXT experiment (high-pressure xenon for double beta decay) Baudis
12 Dec 7 Gienal, Magnus GEMs; concrete example: PHENIX heavy ion experiment Serra
13 Dec 14 Baertschi, Pascal Particle identification techniques Kilminster

Group 2: Methods and detectors in condensed matter physics - Y36 J33

Responsible faculty members: C. Aegerter, J. Chang, H.W. Fink, J. Osterwalder, A. Schilling

  date speaker topic responsible
1 Sept 28 Salzmann, Bjoern Angle-resolved photoemission: How to probe the band structure of solids Osterwalder
2 Oct 5 Meier, Matthias How to generate ultrashort laser pulses Osterwalder
3 Oct 12 Meili, Georg Measuring the electrical conductivity through individual molecules Osterwalder
4 Oct 12 Kunz, Nicolas Measuring the electronic work function of a solid Osterwalder
5 Oct 19 Kretz, Patrick Neutron scattering: How to probe phonon's and magnon's Chang
6 Oct 19 Traber, Regina Thermoelectricity: Converting heat to electricity Chang
7 Oct 26 Andersson, Paul- Magnus Resonant x-ray scattering: Usage of 3rd generation synchrotrons Chang
8 Oct 26 von Arx, Karin Quantum oscillation experiments to probe Fermi surfaces Chang

Nov 2
at 12:15

Schachtler, Daniel Getting at molecular dynamics using Foerster Resonant Energy Transfer Aegerter

Nov 9
at 12:15

Ebersold, Michael Beating the diffraction limit in light microscopy using stimulated emission Aegerter
11 Nov 16
at 12:15
Ivkovic, Mladen Probing magnetic fields in solids using muon spin rotation Aegerter
12 Nov 23 Furrer, Remo Smartphones I: Transmission of speech, music and movies - from Bell to the Smartphone Schilling
13 Nov 30 Tobler, Benjamin Smartphones II: Electronic circuits and memories - from vacuum tubes and magnetic core memory to integrated circuits Schilling
14 Dec 7 Schmidli, Kevin Smartphones III: Screens - from the cathode ray tube to the touchscreen Schilling
15 Dec 14 Doenmez, Eser Liquid ionic gating: Turning insulators metallic Chang


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