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Electronics Workshop


The electronics workshop supports the members of the Physik-Institut in all electronic aspects of tools, devices and experimental setups.

Our services include:

  • consultations and support for external procurement of equipment
  • in-house design of new electronic systems
  • schematic design and board layout (including multilayer boards and special substrates)
  • part assembly (THT and SMD down to 0201), manual assembly with soldering iron or hot-air reflow
  • in-house prototyping, coordination of small and large scale production with industrial partners
  • system commissioning and maintenance
  • fault diagnosis and repair jobs (including 3rd party devices)
  • part procurement
  • stocking of electronic consumables and small parts

Technical expertise

The electronics workshop has experience in the following areas (not complete):

  • data acquisition systems (high resolution or fast sampling rates)
  • FPGA design
  • design and construction of 230/400V control cabinets
  • process control and automation
  • low-noise amplifiers for smallest signals
  • high frequency circuits (up to 10 GHz), small signal and power applications
  • fast data transmission circuits (several Gbit/s)
  • electronics for cryogenic applications
  • power electronics
  • microcontroller designs (Microchip, AVR, Arduino)
  • fiberoptic data transmission
  • radiation tolerant electronics
  • special board designs (e.g. low radiation, low mass, reduced material budget)


We are equipped with numerous measurement devices and test facilities for measurement and characterization of electronic circuits (selection):

  • temperature and climate chamber (-70 to +180 degC, 0-100% humidity)
  • EMC room (ca. 5 sq.m.)
  • oscilloscopes up to 6 GHz bandwidth
  • signal generator up to 6 GHz
  • spectrum analyzer up to 3 GHz
  • arbitrary function generator, 1 GS/s
  • 10 MHz frequency references, accuracy <1E-11
  • frequency counter, 6 GHz, 12-digit
  • high voltage power supplies up to 70kV, high current power supplies up to 40A
  • ...

Education and training

The electronics workshop has two apprentices for the professional education 'Elektroniker EFZ'. Further information can be found here.


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