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Training Documentation and Test Account

Context Help and Manual

You can always open the contextual help by clicking the button   top right.

In addition have a look into the manual. You will find it in blue navigation column on the left.


Training Documentation

Change user profile / Aenderung User Profil (PDF, 208 KB)

Change objectadministrator profile / Aenderung Objektadministrator Profil (PDF, 320 KB)

Recurring booking / Wiederkehrende Buchungen (PDF, 760 KB)

Search for available rooms / Suche Verfügbarkeit (PDF, 893 KB)

Single booking via booking / Einzelbuchung via Buchen (PDF, 216 KB)

Single booking via calendar / Einzelbuchung via Kalender (PDF, 267 KB)


Test Account

The access to the test account is:

User name: hamust
Password:   hans

Interested parties can book "wildly". The only thing you should not change is the test account password. In the booking window, the function "Send booking information to me" does not work because there is no active e-mail address for Hans Muster. Normally, when using this function, the user is sent an .ics file for her own calendar.