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UZH for Staff

Funding and Procurements

The level of procurement authority depends on the procurement costs.


CHF 10,000

Procurements of equipment under CHF 10,000 lie within the authority of the organizational unit and may be carried out directly with the supplier or via the UZH ordering platform (special conditions apply for UZH).

Ordering platform P4U


CHF 10,000

Procurements of equipment in excess of CHF 10,000 must be coordinated via Portfolio- and Assetmanagement. We would be pleased to advise you about the procurement process, public tenders, as well as internal UZH procedures and deadlines for the granting of funds.

Website of Portfolio- and Assetmanagement

Coordinated Procurements and Support for Laboratory Facilities

As part of the procurement process, we assess whether a bulk order can be coordinated or help you select a supplier.

Further information on coordinated procurements