Lab Materials

You have the following options for ordering lab materials:


Place your order using UZH’s ordering platform to benefit from special price conditions on a large variety of products from diverse suppliers.

To P4U – “Purchase for You”

Otherwise, choose from among the 2,000+ articles stocked ready for direct pick up at Irchel Shop.

Irchel Shop

(044 63) 54146



(044 63) 54000


Liquid Nitrogen

At Irchel Campus

You can bring the container of your Institute/Department to the Receipt of Goods office (Y11 D33). We will fill the tank as quickly as possible and place it ready for collection.

Small amounts can be collected directly from the nitrogen tanks specified on the map.

Map of freely accessible liquid nitrogen tanks (PDF, 194 KB)

Locations outside Irchel Campus

Please complete the order form. Your container will be picked up for filling and then returned.

Order form

(044 63) 54051


A PanGas customer card is required to order gas.

Application form, PanGas customer card

Order form for gas (UZH login (Authentication required)

(044 63) 54070


We design and produce new glass instruments according to your specifications.

Further information

(044 63)  54132

Dry ice

At Irchel Campus

Orders of up to ten kilos can be picked up at Irchel Shop.

Irchel Shop

Larger quantities must be ordered two days prior to the required collection date. 

Order dry ice for collection at Irchel Shop (UZH login (Authentication required))

Locations outside Irchel Campus

Place your order via the UZH ordering platform.
P4U – "Purchase for you”

(044 63)  54000