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Insurance and Taxes

The Canton of Zurich’s insurance guidelines also apply to the University of Zurich. The Canton of Zurich acts as a self-insurer, which means that the canton bears most risks and losses itself. The Canton of Zurich’s insurance service is responsible for concluding and canceling any insurance contracts and overseeing current policies. The UZH Fleet Management team ensures that this is coordinated. 

The insurance concept set out by the Government Council of the Canton of Zurich on 21 June 2017 also applies to UZH. 


Liability insurance Liability insurance is arranged for all university vehicles, but comprehensive insurance is not provided. 
Proof of insurance

Proof of insurance can be requested from the UZH Fleet Management team. 

Vehicle contents

Items carried in the vehicle are not insured against theft. If valuable measurement equipment or objects are to be carried in the vehicle, the organizational unit must consult the Canton of Zurich’s insurance service about concluding additional insurance cover. 

Passenger insurance

Passenger insurance is not provided or required. Accident insurance is mandatory in Switzerland, which means that all Swiss residents are insured against the consequences of accidents. 

Work travel with a private vehicle

(comprehensive insurance)
Private vehicles are covered by fully comprehensive insurance during work travel. An allowance per kilometer is provided for this travel. 


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