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UZH for Staff

UZH Loan Vehicles

If there is spare capacity, UZH staff can rent UZH loan vehicles for work travel. To reserve these vehicles, you will need a login for the “shared equipment” reservation system. When you make a reservation, you accept the usage policy. 


University vehicles are assigned to one organizational unit only and are generally used by that unit.


  Information Contact/Link
Requesting a login To reserve vehicles from the UZH fleet, you need a login for the “shared equipment” reservation system. Registration
Making and editing reservations

Reserve the required vehicle if there is spare capacity.

Important: If the time of your reservation changes or you no longer need the reserved vehicle, you must update this in the reservation system.

Reservation System Login


Training Documents

Car keys

(pick-up and return)

Y11 D37
Monday to Friday

The receipt from the trip logbook must be handed in with the vehicle keys.


Phone: 54051

Finding Your Way Around

Returning vehicles Vehicles must be brought back in a clean condition and with at least half a tank of fuel. You must not smoke in the vehicles.  
Reporting defects or damage Report any defects or damage on the reporting form when returning the vehicle.  Fleet Management Reporting Form (PDF, 456 KB)


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Use Policy UZH Loan Vehicles