Sending Letters and Packages

Due to the current situation with the corona virus restrictions in export shipments. Further information die Post (in German)


The dispatch of letters and packages up to 30kg between UZH addresses is carried out by the internal post personnel. Addresses served by UZH internal post are detailed on the internal post list. Other UZH address are served by Swiss Post.

Stamping and Dispatch

UZH Addresses on the Internal Post List Please place your outgoing post in the internal post trays provided. Outgoing post will be stamped by the internal post team if required. Internal post list (in german) (PDF, 462 KB)
Other UZH Addresses

Outgoing post must be stamped and passed on to Swiss Post by the sender. You can order the required stamps from us.

The stamps are not to be used for personal post.

Advance Customs Declaration for Consignments of up to 2 Kg (CN22/23)

without user acces possible

From 1 January 2020 onwards, advance customs declarations must be completed for all international consignments of up to 2kg ("maxi letters").

Please use the Swiss Post's online services "Accompanying documents international letters" and/or "WebStamp", and enclose the printout with the consignment.

Message (PDF, 123 KB)

Quick Guide on Customs Declarations (PDF, 711 KB)


Accompanying documents international letters


Waybills for Consignments over 2 Kg (Excl. Courier Deliveries)

user access necessary

Waybills are registered online by the sender. Customs documents must be printed and enclosed with the consignments. Waybills of private customers cannot be processed. 

apply for user access


Create waybill