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UZH for Staff

Personal Letter and Package

Mailing Personal Letters

If you have franked letters yourself, you can hand them in at UZH postal mail desks or put them in outgoing-mail trays (outbox for internal post). We will pass them on to Swiss Post.

Receiving and Sending Personal Packages

Flexible package collections are available at UZH during desk opening hours. You will need to have your own registration with the Swiss Post customer center and a correct recipient address. Take your parcel to any postal mail desk and pay the fees by card. This has the advantage that you can take care of your mail during the day and you don’t have to wait until the evening when counters may be closed. Please always use PickPost for delivery of personal packages. Do not use your office or organization addresses for the departments, research, or teaching.

  My Post Service (PickPost)
Irchel Campus

Winterthurerstrasse 190, In-House Post Office, Y13 H01

City Campus Rämistrasse 71, In-House Post Office, KO2 D52