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Information on Expenses

The Regulation on Business Expenditure at the University of Zurich (“Spesenreglement UZH”) dated 21st of November 2023 covers the reimbursement of business expenses. As this reimbursement directly benefits the recipient, expenses are subject to specific regulations. Business expenses can be divided into expenses for business trips, representation and other work-related expenses. The following overview summarizes the basics (the “in general”). For more detail, please check the FAQ and the regulation itself.

Business trips include all travel mandated by UZH. This can range from extended field trips in research to transfers between on-site places of work within the same day. The journey to work (from one’s place of residence) is not a business trip. UZH compensates all necessary work-related expenses, except those resulting from negligence (e.g. missed cancellations). Expenses for private activities during or following the business trip are born by the employee.


On business trips, UZH compensates the following for

1) Travel

2) Room and Board

3) Ancillary Expenses

  • journeys by public transport from one’s on-site place of work (i.e. usually from Zurich).
  • 1st class tickets for destinations outside ZVV (public transport in the Canton of Zurich), 2nd class tickets within ZVV.
  • flights (economy class) for destinations further than 6 hours by train. with a journey time of more than 6 hours by train.
  • travelcards if their price is lower than the expected cost of half-fare trips (and half-fare travelcard) combined.   
  • accommodation in a local intermediate category.
  • a maximum of CHF 80.-- for private stays with friends or family (for a gift to the hosts).
  • extra overnight stays if needed for more sustainable or an overall cheaper trip.
  • a maximum of CHF 60.-- per day (CHF 20.-- per meal) for meals.      
  • if required for the business trip, like visa or vaccines.
  • Participant fees for events that are the goal of the business trip.
  • other expenses like locally required tips, toll fees or for work-related communication.



Cost of representation relates to expenses in caring for UZH’s guests (e.g. invitations to meals or events). These expenses follow the same rules as the so-called “other staff cost” (invitations involving internal staff). UZH compensates the full cost, provided the following:
•    the owner of the corresponding (read: “paying”) area of responsibility has approved the expense,
•    expenses commensurate with the purpose of the event (e.g. its benefit to UZH),
•    when submitting the expense claim, the names and functions of all invitees must be listed.

Other work-related expenses include the aforementioned “other staff cost” as well as expenses for operating material required at short notice (e.g. replacing broken IT or other equipment during a business trip). UZH compensates the full cost.

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