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Teaching and Teaching Fund


The Educational Development Office provides central services and quality development measures for teaching at UZH:

The UZH Teaching Fund supports innovative teaching projects at module and study program level with financial resources and administrative- legal as well as didactic support.

The Community Team supports the networking of teaching staff and promotes knowledge transfer and the visibility of good teaching at UZH.

The Educational Development Office operates the central quality management for education and teaching at UZH, which is responsible, among other things, for course and assessment evaluations as well as key figures at the study program level.

The School for Transdisciplinary Studies is the central hub for interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary teaching, open to all UZH students.

As part of the integrated program development, the Curriculum Development and Legal Team support the design and implementation of new study programs as well as fundamental revisions to existing study programs.

Developments in the field of educational technology and their use in teaching are closely monitored and accompanied by the Innovation and Digital Education Team.

The Educational Development Office further supports all teaching-related activities in the context of our strategic alliance Una Europa.


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