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BVK Pension Fund

Portrait The purpose of the pension fund is to insure employees against the financial consequences of age, disability and death. As soon as your annual salary is over CHF 21,510 (as of 1 January 2021) the University will register you with BVK.

Customer Service: Tel. 058 470 45 45

Things to know about joining the pension fund 

You will receive a welcome letter from BVK with a personalized payment slip in the month following the start of your employment. Please forward this payment slip to your old pension fund to transfer your vested benefits to BVK. With this letter you will also receive the password for the insurance portal "myBVK". After additional registration with SwissID, you can log into the portal with your password and policy number. You will find your pension certificate and can also playfully simulate scenarios. For example, you can use an animated graphic to show the effect of additional contributions to the pension fund on your monthly pension and tax bill.

Information Sheet: Enrolment in BVK


BVK Pension Fund (German only)