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Technology Platforms


Technology platforms (TPF) are research facilities of the University of Zurich from a wide range of research fields, which are open to all researchers at the university (and in some cases also to researchers from other universities and industry).

By operating around 30 Technology Platforms, the University of Zurich contributes to increasing the efficiency of Zurich as a research location on various levels.
On the one hand, the know-how of platforms is increased by pooling. In this way, methods from different areas are applied at one and the same location and can thus be communicated, optimized, mixed and researched across disciplinary boundaries.
Secondly, the costs for equipment, its maintenance and replacement, and (if necessary) for the corresponding personnel are reduced.
Last but not least, TPF's specialists strive to offer state-of-the-art equipment, methods and technology at all times. To be able to guarantee this, they are in intensive exchange with the worldwide research community. Zurich researchers only need to benefit from this.


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