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Invalidity Insurance (IV)

Preliminary IV registration

The Human Resources (HR) Department will assess the possibility of preliminary IV registration if the employee:

  • is ill for more than two months
  • has repeated short absences for health reasons during the course of one year
  • case management has not been initiated

Based on the preliminary registration, the IV agency will assess whether IV registration is necessary or whether support measures such as funding for certain aids (standing desk, ergonomic keyboard, mentoring by a job coach, etc.) must be initiated.

  • If this preliminary registration doesn’t take place, the IV agency may reduce any disability pension that is paid out at a later date.
  • To ensure that no time is lost, it’s important that you always forward your latest doctor’s note to the HR Department during the period in which you are unable to work.

Registration with Invalidity Insurance (IV)

  • Registration with the IV agency is mandatory no later than six months after the start of the period of incapacity for work.
  • The registration must be submitted either by the employee or by their primary care physician.
  • If a case manager is involved, they will arrange the registration.
  • The entitlement to a pension shall commence at the earliest six months after the date on which the insured person registered with the IV agency. A further requirement is that their incapacity for work has been at least 40% for 12 months.

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If you cannot find an answer to your question here, please contact the responsible HR representative in your organizational unit or the Competence Center responsible for you in the Human Resources Department.