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Coaching at UZH is a process-oriented consulting method that aims to establish the current professional situation of the coachees and enables them to mobilize their own resources. This empowers people to recognize for themselves what action they can take, to identify solutions and to take defined steps to improve their situation. Coaching builds on self-reflection and the desire of the coachee to make changes. The coach guides and supports the coachee through this process.

Coaching is no substitute for psychotherapy or for psychiatric counseling or treatment. Whether they hold leadership responsibilities or not, staff with a request for coaching can contact HR Development.

Individual and team coaching


The initial session is used to map out the starting position and the desired coaching outcomes for the coachee or group of coachees. In most cases around three topic areas and change requests are laid down in a coaching agreement, which serves both sides as a binding reference framework for the coaching process. The final session includes a review of the degree to which the desired change has been achieved, and what is required to maintain and, where appropriate, further improve the target scenario.

Coaching organized by HR Development deals with issues concerning the working environment at the University of Zurich. HR Development does not arrange coaching for personal matters that are unrelated to the coachee’s employment at UZH.

The coachee and professional coach should establish a relationship of trust. All coaching sessions and documents are treated as confidential.

Exceptions to this rule are the coaching agreement and the final coaching report which outlines the change achieved in the defined areas. Coaching that is arranged or provided by HR Development is a support measure agreed with the person’s line manager. It is recorded as such in the coachee’s personnel file.

Single-session solution-focused coaching is also possible (without a coaching agreement).


Coaching is a temporary support measure. The coach and coachee will usually arrange a maximum of six to eight coaching sessions lasting around an hour each. Appointments may be spread across several months.

Costs It is decided on a case-by-case basis whether the coaching will be provided free of charge by an internal specialist from HR Development, or whether specific reasons justify bringing in an external expert coach. HR Development does not assume any of the costs of external coaching.


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Coaching for PhD candidates and postdoctoral researchers

Please note

Coaching organized by HR Development deals with issues surrounding the working environment at the University of Zurich. HR Development does not arrange coaching for personal issues unrelated to employment at UZH.