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UZH for Staff

Continuing Education and Training Courses for HR Management and Leadership

Benefit from our customized continuing education programs for managers and leaders, staff and HR representatives at UZH.

In addition to teaching relevant specialist skills, these programs place great emphasis on experience-based peer-to-peer dialogue.

The aim of all continuing education programs is to strengthen the professional and personal capabilities of relevance for the individual participants, and to facilitate maximum knowledge transfer into everyday working life. Depending on the format, courses may be held in person (physically) or online (virtually).

Continuing Education Program

Leadership and Management Topics

Leadership at UZH (in German): A one-day course for UZH employees who are already in a management position or about to move into one

UZH Leadership Development Program (in German): Multi-module program for the further development of leadership skills for experienced leaders and managers

Introduction to performance appraisals (in German): A one-day course for line managers at UZH who regularly conduct performance appraisals or are doing so for the first time

UZH Leadership Circle: Multi-day continuing education sequence for experienced leaders and managers who want to reflect on and interpret challenging issues.

Conflict management in the work environment at UZH (in German): A one-day course for leaders and managers with practical exercises and sample cases.

Lateral Leadership at UZH (in German): A one-day course for employees who lead in their area of ​​responsibility without direct authority.

HR Management topics

HR Continuing Education Model for HR Representatives of the UZH (in German)

HR bi de Lüt (in German): Compact course (at lunchtime) on various HR specialist topics which are constantly updated

Course and Cancellation Conditions for Continuing Education Programs at UZH – conducted by the Human Resources Department

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