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Travel Preparations

Travel preparations for areas with increased risk (high and extreme security risk), remote areas or countries with high medical costs

  1. Obtain authorization from your line managers in good time using the form “Application Form and Authorization for Travel to Areas of Increased Risk”.
  2. Download the Travel Admin App of the FDFA and register your details.
  3. Download the International SOS Assistance App and create your profile using the membership ID for UZH members, 22AYCA816937. For registration you must use your primary UZH email address (
  4. Forward your booking details (flight, hotel, etc.) to to receive real-time alerts regarding security and health and to enable UZH to contact you in the event of an emergency.
  5. Consult country-specific, detailed travel information (login via Membership I.D) before departure.
  6. Conduct a sanctions check at least one week prior to departure when traveling to sanctioned countries (e.g. Iran, Syria, North Korea, North Sudan, Cuba or Crimea). Contact to conduct a sanctions check.
  7. Log in to the e-learning platform for travel preparation (login using the UZH membership ID) and complete the e-learning modules relevant to you (Introduction to Membership; Travel Risk Awareness – Medical; Travel Risk Awareness – Security, Road Safety).
  8. Contact the International SOS Assistance Center for travel information (e.g. about vaccinations or travel restrictions). They will provide you with free travel advice and a customized risk assessment by e-Mail: or by phone: Frankfurt: +49 6102 3588 100, Geneva +41 (0)22 785 64 64.
  9. Make sure you have up-to-date information on Covid entry requirements.
  10. Contact Safety, Security and Environment if you have any further questions:

Weiterführende Informationen

Contact Travel Preparation

For general questions regarding travel insurance, please contact the Safety, Security and Environment Office.

Emergency Contact

In case of emergencies abroad, the travel assistance service provider "International SOS" is the first point of contact via Assistance App. Emergency numbers are also available:

+49 6102 3588 100
+41 (0)22 785 64 64

Contact in case of damage

Damages/costs incurred such as travel cancellation or theft of luggage are to be reported directly to the travel insurance company "Chubb":