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UZH for Students

Tips for Uni Life

Learning at University

Do I have to learn differently at university than at high school? We asked three students who have already successfully completed exams about their learning habits. (Video in German)

Studying is More!

When you study at UZH you acquire knowledge in your subject area.
But studying is much more than that: Nhi and Patrick share their experiences and some tips!

The Future of Teaching

Being a successful student means more than just getting a degree. Your studies shape the entire course of your life and prepare you for making responsible contributions to our shared future.

Good to know!

Are you already matriculated at UZH and want to prepare yourself as much as you can before beginning your studies? Here are some tips for new starters and some ideas of things you can already get sorted out before you start.
Good to know

Preliminary Courses

Starting studies at UZH? Here you’ll find information on preliminary courses.
Information on Preliminary Courses