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Center for Dental Medicine

Prof. Dr. mult. Theodore Eliades

Director, Clinic of Orthodontics and Paediatric Dentitry

Contact: E-Mail:
Qualifications: DDS, MS, Dr Med Sci, PhD
Affiliation: Clinic of Orthodontics
and Paediatric Dentistry

Clinical Specialisations


Research Interests

Enamel-adhesive interfacial phenomena and alterations during orthodontic treatment (structure, roughness, color, gloss). In vivo-ageing of orthodontic materials by means of surface analysis (Auger and ESCA, EDX and SEM) as well as mechanical properties of used dental and biomedical materials with associated clinical implications in bonding and mechanotherapy. Clinical trials assessing the efficiency of orthodontic materials. Development and testing of new adhesives based on non-Bis-GMA containing monomer systems (degree of conversion, bond strength monomer leaching). Corrosion potential and ionic release of alloys and leaching of polymeric materials in the oral environment. BPA release and estrogenicity of polymers. Mechanics of materials (strength, fatigue, bond strength) and tissues with reference to PDL properties in health, disease and developmental/ageing status.

Selected publications

Mavrogonatou E, Eliades T, Eliades G, Kletsas D (2010) The effect of triethylene glycol dimethacrylate on p53-dependent G2 arrest in human gingival fibroblasts. Biomaterials 31:8530-8.

Pandis N, Polychronopoulou A, Katsaros C, Eliades T (2011) Comparative assessment of conventional and self-ligating appliances on the effect of mandibular intermolar distance in adolescent nonextraction patients: a single-center randomized controlled trial. Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop 140:e99-e105.

Zampeli D, Papagiannoulis L, Eliades G, Pratsinis H, Kletsas D, Eliades T (2012) In vitro estrogenicity of dental resin sealants. Pediatr Dent 34:312-6.

Papakonstantinou AE, Eliades T, Cellesi F, Watts DC, Silikas N (2013) Evaluation of UDMA's potential as a substitute for Bis-GMA in orthodontic adhesives. Dent Mater 29:898-905

Pandis N, Fleming PS, Kloukos D, Polychronopoulou A, Katsaros C, Eliades T (2013) Survival of bonded lingual retainers with chemical or photo polymerization over a 2-year period: a single-center, randomized controlled clinical trial. Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop 144:169-75.

Kloukos D, Pandis N, Eliades T (2013) In vivo bisphenol-a release from dental pit and fissure sealants: a systematic review. J Dent 41:659-67.

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