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Center for Dental Medicine


Intraoral 3D-Scanning:

  • Accuracy measurements of intraoral optical 3D scanners
  • Improvement of intraoral 3D scanners
  • Clinical Evaluations, especially for full arch scans

Computer-assisted Occlusion and Function:

  • Developments of new concepts for knowledge based tooth reconstruction and occlusal design
  • Integration of jaw movements into the tooth reconstruction process
  • New concepts for automatic articulation
  • Electronic registration of jaw movements


  • Material properties of new CAD/CAM-Materials, especially ceramics and composites
  • Influence of milling process and optimization of milling strategies

Diagnostics and Treatment Planning

  • Multisensor 3D-data registration, e.g. CT, DVT, face scans and intraoral 3D-scans
  • Developments of new diagnostic tools for 3D-monitoring of clinical situations
  • Clinical studies to assist and improve current chairside CAD/CAM-technology

Research Staff

Mehl Albert, Prof. Dr. Dr. med. dent.
Ender Andreas, PD Dr. med. dent.

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