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Endowed Professorships

Targeted Support for Research and Teaching

Endowed professorships contribute to targeted promotion of research and teaching at the University of Zurich. Through generous donations for a professorship, companies, private individuals and foundations can help to expand existing disciplines, initiate new areas of research or create new research priorities. Endowed professorships are additional sources of funding and help ensure that the University of Zurich remains competitive on a global level.

Careful Assessment

The University of Zurich carefully reviews each potential endowed professorship. The guidelines for a contract between UZH and external partners are set out in the UZH Fundraising Policy. Academic freedom for research and teaching is the most important factor taken into consideration during the review process. In addition, donations must not damage the reputation and integrity of the University, and all projects must be in line with the University’s strategic goals. The University also checks the origin of potential funds and reserves the right to reject funding.

A detailed explanation of the process is available in the document "Process of Donating for Endowed Professorships”:
Process of Donating for Endowed Professorships (UZH Login) (PDF, 67 KB)

On the Signavio platform, a detailed description of this process is available for UZH employees: Donating for Endowed Professorships (in German; UZH login) 

Should you have any questions, please contact your dean’s office.

The legal foundation for the endowed professorships is the ordinance governing the acquisition and use of additional funding (Fundraising Policy) of the University of Zurich.
UZH Fundraising Policy (PDF, in German*)
* Verordnung über die Einwerbung und Entgegennahme von Spenden und Sponsoringbeiträgen (Fundraising) der Universität Zürich, dated 12 November 2018

List of Endowed Professorships

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UZH Foundation

The UZH Foundation is a foundation of the University of Zurich. It's core mission is to seek donations and bequests on behalf of UZH.


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