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Continuing Education

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From Academia to Practical Application

UZH's continuing education programs integrate the latest research developments, thus guaranteeing efficient knowledge transfer between higher education institutions and practitioners. Course content is based on the expertise present at the university, and we therefore only offer continuing education in subjects which UZH staff are actively researching and teaching. Course participants will be able to integrate new techniques, models and methods, based on true-to-life examples and exercises, into their professional lives. We offer quality education and high academic standards by continuously comparing ourselves with national and international universities and universities of applied sciences as well as by selecting well-qualified and committed instructors.

Continuing Education According to Subject, Final Qualification or Faculty

The University of Zurich offers a broad range of continuing education programs leading to an MAS, DAS or CAS, and shorter courses lasting one or more days, as well as in-house training and training in university teaching and learning.

Website Continuing Education: Programs According to Subject  (in German)
Website Continuing Education: Programs According to Qualification (in German)
Website Continuing Education: Programs according to Faculty (in German)


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