Compulsory Health Insurance

Health insurance is compulsory for anyone staying in Switzerland longer than three months. Students from an EU state who are legally insured in their home country can apply for exemption from this obligation by using the European Health Card or a provisional certificate, both of which issued by the health insurance company in the home country.

After your arrival in Switzerland, you will be contacted by the health services department of your place of residence. If you are not contacted, please ask the local authorities about the procedure. If you do not have a provisional certificate or an insurance card, but other proof of health insurance corresponding to Swiss requirements, an exemption from obligatory insurance may be possible. If not, you must take out a policy for basic insurance at a Swiss health insurance company.

Travel insurance taken out in your home country will not be accepted.

Private Liability Insurance

This insurance covers damage inflicted by you on other persons. It also covers any loss incurred in the room or flat you are living in. A private liability insurance costs from CHF 100.- to CHF 150.- per year with a limit of indemnity of up to CHF 5 million. Although private liability insurance is not compulsory, we suggest that all international students close an insurance contract.

Accident Insurance Students at UZH

Students who have an accident on the premises of the University of Zurich are not insured through UZH. Because no comprehensive work-related or non-work-related accident insurance exists for students, it is recommended that they conclude an insurance policy that has adequate coverage for Switzerland. This is especially important for students who work in labs.

Students who are employed at UZH for more than 8 hours per week are insured by UZH in the case of both work-related and non-work-related accidents. Students in employment relationships of under 8 hours per week are granted only work-related accident insurance.



In the case of damage, the University institute, department, or clinic is liable if no gross negligence is present and if the damage was caused in the context of a task performed on behalf of the student's supervisor.