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  • Guided Tours

    Superconductors, medicinal herbs, or Australia animals: Join one of the many guided tours to learn more about UZH's museums.

    Guided Tours

Erschreckend schön

A new exhibition at the Photobastei demonstrates climate-change facts and prognoses through creative images and graphics. The pictures were produced in a joint project between geography students at UZH and graphic design students from Lucerne.
Scientifica Eye

What Holds the World together?

Every other year, the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich open their doors and invite the general public to experience the world of scholarship first-hand.

Current Events

  • Fri, 9.6.
    13:30 Uhr
    9.6.2023, 13:30: Workshop: "Text Recognition & Cultural Heritage". Archive, Bibliotheken und universitäre Forschung im Dialog
  • Sun, 11.6.
    11:30 Uhr
    11.6.2023, 11:30: Kurzführung Plateosaurier (um 11:30 und 12:00 Uhr; jeweils 20 min)
  • Sun, 11.6.
    14:00 Uhr
    11.6.2023, 14:00: Familienworkshops: «Schmatz, würg, pups und kack – vom Fressen und Verwerten im Tierreich» Fressen
  • Sun, 11.6.
    15:00 Uhr
    11.6.2023, 15:00: Familienworkshops: «Schmatz, würg, pups und kack – vom Fressen und Verwerten im Tierreich» Fressen
  • Mon, 12.6.
    18:15 Uhr
    12.6.2023, 18:15: Warum braucht es Kriegsfotografie? Im Dialog mit einem Kriegsfotografen
  • Tue, 13.6.
    17:15 Uhr
    13.6.2023, 17:15: Wie divers sind wir an der UZH? Einblicke in Forschung, Lehre und Uni-Alltag.
  • Tue, 13.6.
    18:00 Uhr
    13.6.2023, 18:00: Climate, justice and questions of identity
  • Wed, 14.6.
    16:15 Uhr
    14.6.2023, 16:15: Utopie: Zukunftsentwürfe in Musik und Theater
  • Fri, 16.6.
    16:00 Uhr
    16.6.2023, 16:00: Hochschulen und PolyUniQue am Zurich Pride Festival 2023
  • Sat, 17.6.
    10:00 Uhr
    17.6.2023, 10:00: Workshop-Reihe «Das ABC für eine inklusivere Stadt»: Allyship

Public Lectures and Events


  • Seeing the World Differently

    How do we understand the world and ourselves? Could, or should, we see things completely differently? This lecture series presents perspectives from the past and from contemporary knowledge systems.
  • Sustainability Now!

    Climate change challenges society socially, economically, legally and politically. This topical lecture series addresses interdisciplinary problem areas such as food security and social inequality.
  • What is Theology?

    How does the discipline of theology deal with religious diversity? What is its relationship to other disciplines? Representatives from various areas of culture and religion present their ideas about what theology is.
  • What lies ahead?

    The lecture series of the Initiative Geisteswissenschaften (humanities initiative) explores projects, renewals and latencies in society after two years of a global pandemic and in view of ongoing global crises.
  • The Mystery of Humans

    Since antiquity, humans have been asking what they actually are. Experts take a deep dive into the various ideas about humankind elaborated in the Ancient World and people's orientation to them.

University for All

  • Children's University

    Small, but thirsty for knowledge? The Children's University of Zurich lets our youngest have an opportunity to test the air in UZH's lecture halls.