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    Seven faculties, over 150 departments and more than 200 study programs: benefit from the interdisciplinary and pioneering spirit of Switzerland’s largest university.

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    Imagination, daring, patience and determination are vital to shed light on scientific unknowns and make breakthrough discoveries. For this, freedom and space to reflect and question are required.

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    UZH encompasses a huge breadth of differing but mutually stimulating perspectives, ways of thinking and academic milieus. Our knowledge and findings are made to be shared: let yourself be inspired.

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Johanna Spyri and Heidi archives included in the Memory of the World Register

The Johanna Spyri and Heidi archives in Zurich have been added to UNESCO's Memory of the World International Register.

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UZH's 2022 annual report examines the future of teaching and learning, and explores the contributions of research and innovation to tackling the great challenges of our time.
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Education at the Cutting Edge

Being a successful student means more than just getting a degree. Your studies shape the entire course of your life and prepare you for making responsible contributions to our share future.




  • Today
    18:15 Uhr
    30.5.2023, 18:15: Kim de l'Horizon: Säfte / Leere
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  • Wed, 31.5.
    12:30 Uhr
    31.5.2023, 12:30: Informationssicherheit im Alltag
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  • Wed, 31.5.
    16:15 Uhr
    31.5.2023, 16:15: Kontinuität: Vergangenheit als Argument in der europäischen Rechtstradition – das Herstellen von Kontinuität zur Gestaltung der Zukunft
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  • Thu, 1.6.
    10:15 Uhr
    1.6.2023, 10:15: Gastvortrag: Migrant Dreams: Indians in the Japanese Labor Market
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  • Thu, 1.6.
    18:15 Uhr
    1.6.2023, 18:15: Mapping and modelling behaviours and economies
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  • Thu, 1.6.
    18:30 Uhr
    1.6.2023, 18:30: Empowerment of Change – The Role of the University and Civil Society
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  • Sat, 3.6.
    10:00 Uhr
    3.6.2023, 10:00: Pleiotropic functions of eosinophils in intestinal homeostasis, inflammation and cancer
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The University of Zurich is home to students and staff from over 120 countries. Find out more about our diverse and inspiring learning, research and working environment.