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DDIS is successful with papers, again…

2. July 2016 | Abraham Bernstein | Keine Kommentare |

These past weeks have been extremely success in terms of getting papers accepted.

The first good news reached us about getting a paper accepted to the International Joint Conference on AI (IJCAI). Our Paper “Core-Selecting Payment Rules for Combinatorial Auctions with Uncertain Availability of Goods” co-authored by Dmitry Moor, Tobias Grubenmann, Sven Seuken and Abraham Bernstein will be presented at this top conference the week after next.

Second, Mihaela Verman got a paper accepted at the European Conference on AI (ECAI), where she discusses the scaling and recombination of distributed constraint optimization algorithms.

Third, Bibek Paudel, Fabian Christoffer, Chris Newell, and Abraham Bernstein got their paper on “Updatable, Accurate, Diverse, and Scalable Recommendations for Interactive Applications”  accepted to the ACM Transaction on Intelligent Interactive Systems. This paper explores novel approaches on how to provide timely and diverse recommendations at interactive speeds.

And finally, just in, a team around Shen Gao just their paper “Planning Ahead: Stream-Driven Linked-Data Access under Update-Budget Constraints” accepted to this years International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC).

Congratulations to everybody for these achievements.

ps. The papers will make it into our publication repository shortly.


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