Erasmus-Lehrveranstaltung: Introduction to spoken Sanskrit with recitation of some Subhāṣitas

Datum und Zeit

07. Mai 2019, 12:15-13:45 Uhr (RAA E21) / 16:15-18:00 Uhr (RAA E21)

08. Mai 2019, 10:15-12:00 Uhr (RAA E21) / 14:00-15:45 Uhr (RAA E29)


Dr. Sadananda Das (Institut für Indologie und Zentralasienwissenschaften, Universität Leipzig)


These four lessons will mainly focus on the teaching of spoken Sanskrit on the preliminary level introducing the students to the learning and practice of conversational Sanskrit in an active way. We will use the basic grammar for conversation that has been already learned in the introductory lessons of Sanskrit language. The lessons will be monolingual using only Sanskrit language (with the use of English as little as possible). Some lovely subhāṣita verses will be learned to be recited in particular contexts of learning grammar points. At the end of these eight hours of teaching students will be able to converse using basic Sanskrit language.


Asien-Orient-Institut - Indologie


Asien-Orient-Institut, Universität Zürich, RAA E 21 und RAA E29, Rämistrasse 59, 8001 Zürich