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Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies



Since HS 2020, it is possible to complete a doctorate with 12 ECTS in Gender Studies at the University of Zurich.

The dissertations are supervised by Prof. Dr. Bettina Dennerlein and must correspond to the Islamic Studies topic profile of the Chair (Social and cultural history of the modern and contemporary Arab World / Gender and Sexuality Studies; Islamic family law; women’s rights and human rights movements; Gender, law and religion.

Inter-University Network Switzerland

The doctoral studies in Gender Studies at UZH are part of the Swiss inter-university network of the doctoral programs in Gender Studies at the Universities of Zurich, Basel and Bern.

The inter-university network is open to doctoral students from all disciplines who are working on a doctoral project with a thematic and/or systematic focus on gender.

Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program Gender Studies

The interdisciplinary doctoral program Gender Studies with 30 ECTS credits will regularly expire in 2023. New admissions to this program are no longer possible

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Graduate School


Further information concerning administrative matters around application and admission you will be provided by: Milena Guthörl

Inter-University Network Switzerland

Requests for association with the Inter-University Network of Doctoral Programs in Gender Studies should be addressed to: Katrin Meyer