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Abteilung Indologie

Indian Studies is concerned with the cultures and societies of the Indian sub-continent from their beginnings through to the present day. In Zurich Indian Studies focusses on the languages, literatures, religions and philosophies of India and their cultural-historical contexts, as well as politics, economics and social change in modern India.

Contextualised and global
Indian Studies raises questions that contribute to debates and scholarship far beyond the region. What practices, discourses, and institutions have facilitated or impeded social coexistence in a region marked by cultural and religious pluralism? How does Indian literature negotiate political and social conflict? How does democracy function in a culturally and religiously plural context like India? How does democracy work in the face of stark social inequalities? How does Indian philosophy challenge conventional ways of thinking? Indian Studies involves text-based research into socio-cultural transformation processes and empirical fieldwork in South Asia to answer these and other questions.

Indian Studies in Zurich
With two complementary chairs— the philologically and cultural studies oriented Chair of Indian Studies (Prof. Angelika Malinar) and the social-science oriented Chair of Modern Indology / South Asian Studies (Prof. Nicolas Martin)—Indian Studies in Zurich covers its subject with both thematic breadth and historical depth. The combination of cultural studies and social sciences lends our department its unique profile within Switzerland.

Develop Your Expertise
Degrees in Indian Studies (Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts) feature a broad variety of courses that reflect the department’s integrated approach. Students select their courses from three core module categories: language, culture, and society and politics. All of our degree options in Indian studies offer you the possibility to pursue a career related to the region, but also beyond. The thematic, linguistic, theoretical, and methods skills acquired throughout your studies will allow you to pursue careers in research institutions, international organisations and corporations, as well as in fields related to migration and integration, media, culture, tourism and education.

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